About Jamie


“With modern times the amazing world we live in is often damaged but the essence of its beauty is forever preserved in photography”

Jamie Palmer 2011

About Me

I am a freelance photographer based in Sydney Australia. I travel extensively across the globe seeking out unique landscapes, people and cultures. Living my life’s passion behind the camera, I have explored many amazing places and met a variety of people in my travels both at home and abroad. I spend my time capturing life through the viewfinder of my camera and record those moments that express the world’s diversity.

Photography is a unique way of communication. It opens doors to engage people about their lives, their environment and captures emotions without explanation. This in turn communicates a story, through images to the people who view these. In many ways it’s a wordless exchange between people, worlds apart but the message is captured.

Current equipment

I am a self-confessed gadget girl and when the world is your canvas, I make it a habit to always carrying a camera with me. You never know when you are going to achieve some unexpected, unplanned and amazing shots. While my current gadget arsenal is extensive, some of my favourites are below

  • Canon 5D MKIII  – Amazing
  • Lens: 24-105mm Canon
  • Lens 70-200mm Canon

Lens 10-22mm  Canon
  • Lens 150-500mm Sigma – Will be testing this one out in Alaska in the summer
  • Gitzo Traveller Tripod with Acratech ball head
  • Ipad & Hyperdrive Colour space external drive